Awards on the Best Scientific Proposals

1 prize will be awarded for the best PAIME poster received and another 3 prizes for the best posters of residents presented.


1  PREMIO AL MEJOR POSTER de PAIME (Programa de Atención Integral al Médico Enfermo)

Otorgados por la Fundación para la Protección Social de la Organización Médica Colegial

  • Premio: 600€

El comité científico seleccionará el mejor poster del temario PAIME.



whose first author is a resident of psychiatry

The abstracts sent to the Call for Abstracts in POSTER type will be evaluated, having as first author a resident of psychiatry, and with a single psychiatrist attached as supervisor/ co-author of the poster.

6 finalists will be selected to present the poster in a schedule determined by the congress organization. The presentations will be of 5 minutes, leaving 2 minutes for questions and debate. Of the 6 finalists, 3 winners will be selected.

  • First prize awarded by Fundación Psiformación: 1000€ and scholarship for Fundación Psiformación courses
  • Second and Third Prizes awarded by Fundación Patología Dual: 300€ each
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