Main Speakers 

Nora Volkow
Nora Volkow" Effects of cannabis use on human behavior and mental disorders"
Margarita Alegría
Margarita Alegría"The role of sociocultural information in Dual Disorders"
Celso Arango
Celso Arango"Precision medicine in psychiatry and Dual Disorders"
Ruben Baler
Ruben Baler"Top down and bottom up: Emerging concepts in the treatment of addiction and other mental disorders"
Amine Benyamina
Amine Benyamina
Nady El-Guebaly
Nady El-Guebaly
Rafael Maldonado
Rafael Maldonado
Frances Levin
Frances Levin"Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and substance use disorder: What does the literature tell us?"
Eduard Vieta
Eduard Vieta"Behavioural addicitons in bipolar disorder"
Roger Weiss
Roger Weiss"New findings in opioid use disorders"
Alan Green
Alan Green"Schizophrenia and co-occurring substance use disorder: Translational research and reward"
Shaul Lev-Ran
Shaul Lev-Ran"Psychiatric outcomes of cannabis use - why don't we have a simple answer to a "simple" question?"
Marta Torrens
Marta Torrens"Dual depression: State of the art"
Mark Parrino
Mark Parrino"The use of medication to treat opioid use disorders"
Joseph Biederman
Joseph Biederman"Examining the association between ADHD and substance use disorders: A familial risk analysis"
Icro Maremmani
Icro Maremmani"Toward a specific psychopathology of substance use disorders"
Miquel Bernardo
Miquel Bernardo
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